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Jeffrey Havard's Blog
Welcome to Jeffrey Havard's blog! Jeffrey truly appreciates the support he receives. This blog was created to give Jeffrey the opportunity to not only express  his gratitude but to also give readers the ability to get to know the real Jeffrey Havard. The posts in this blog are all written by Jeffrey and then posted here by the website administrator. Please post any questions or comments you have for Jeffrey in the comment section below each entry and we will forward your messages to Jeffrey so he can respond in future posts. 

Hello everyone! Let me begin with a brief introduction

by Jeffrey Havard on 01/25/13

Someone suggested that I start writing a blog so that you all could get to know me on a more personal level.  I guess I will start at the beginning .

I was born in Natchez, Mississippi on November 11th 1978. I've got three brothers and 2 sisters-all half siblings.  I have 2 brothers and a sister on my mom's side and a brother and sister in Oklahoma City on my dad's side.  Mom's side (including her) live in and around Chattanooga, TN.  I come from a close family; I guess that's how it is with most all country folks!  The majority of my free life, I spent here in Mississippi and Louisiana.  My earliest years were spent in South Louisiana, between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I started first grade ( I skipped kindergarten) in 1983, when I was just before 5 years old in Lutcher, LA.  Within a year or so we moved to LaPlace, 20 miles west of New Orleans and I stayed there until  two months after Hurricane Andrew (Oct 1992) and moved to my grandparents (mom's parents) in Natchez.  I remained there (mostly) until this tragedy 10 years ago. I finished school in 1995, when I was 16 years old.  After graduation, I worked mostly off-shore on boats on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

I have been a sports fan all of my life.  However, sports have become more exciting to me since I have been here. Sports, I guess, serves as a distraction from my current reality more than anything.  Baseball will be starting up soon.  It's my favorite sport, and I love the Red Sox!  My second favorite team is St. Louis.  LSU has always been my favorite college team and as for NFL, I like the Saints and the Steelers.  Recently, Will Cook,  a supporter and friend came up with a college bowl pick contest for  me and some of the people who support me to participate in.  I was happy to hear that I won!  Thanks to all of you who have stuck beside me and support me. You are appreciated more than you know!

Comments (18)

1. Lillian Chabassol said on 1/26/13 - 04:21AM
I pray for you and your family every night that Justice Prevails. Nobody deserves the hell you are going through.
2. Dick Blanchard said on 1/26/13 - 04:30AM
Being a member of Red Sox Nation I am glad to hear you are a Red Sox fan. Being from the south how did you happen to choose the Red Sox as your favorite baseball team? We are all praying that justice will be served in your case and the sooner the better. God bless you! Dick
3. Randi Case said on 1/26/13 - 07:30AM
I pray you beat this. I too am helping an innocent man, Peter Wlasiuk, that is in NYS prison for the murder of his wife. She drove them into a lake and the investigators claim he smothered her and let the truck go into the lake and her body was pulled out, he was there and was the one that called 911. this is crazy, has had 2 appeals and wont get a fair trial in same county ever. he is innocent. My thoughts are with you and I am listening to you,,,,
4. Randi Case said on 1/26/13 - 07:33AM
I did sign your petition. Please spread the word for this innocent man also. anyone can sign his petition to get a fair trial elsewhere,,,thank you http://www.causes.com/causes/806173-justice-for-peter-wlasiuk
5. Michael Wiesner (Smith) said on 1/26/13 - 08:06AM
Unbelievable! Yankee and Red Sox fans actually in agreement? This means eventually everyone will agree you are innocent, Jeffrey. Don't lose heart!!
6. Greg Havard said on 1/26/13 - 12:32PM
Love you boy and pray every day we will see u home soon
7. Tiffany Williams said on 1/26/13 - 12:46PM
God speed Jeff & bring you home. We are NOT giving up the fight to get you back home where you belong. sending lots of love & prayers & stay strong
8. Mickey Sullivan said on 1/26/13 - 02:04PM
Hey Jeffrey, I'm from Red Sox Nation too! I am praying for you and I wish you a speedy release. It is clear to so many that your conviction was just plain wrong. Stay strong for all of your supporters!
9. Kay Lincoln said on 1/26/13 - 03:34PM
Jeffrey you have a lot of people out here whom you have never met who believe in you. We are all pulling for you and we will not stop shouting from the mountaintops until they hear us!! FREE JEFFREY HAVARD!!!!!! Are there any magazines or anything you would like to have. So many people have been so nice to my dad doing things like that for him I would like to do the same for another innocent person. Oh and BTW, I love that the Cardinals are in your list of Faves!!!! Great choise, they ARE baseball!!!!
10. Will Cook said on 1/26/13 - 06:46PM
Hey buddy thanks for mention in the introduction. Don't forget March Madness is coming up soon. I am currently in the process of moving to central MS, but I will send you my new address as soon as I get a new P.O. Box. I am rooting for you everyday. Hang in there we are all here for you!!!
11. Imelda Bell said on 1/26/13 - 11:06PM
Hi, just want to let you know that you have support from around the world, not just the USA. I am in England and follow your Facebook group. I pray that people's eyes and hearts will be opened and that you will get justice. I look forward to getting to know you through your new blog. Stay strong.
12. Randi Juarez said on 1/27/13 - 11:59AM
Hi Jeff! I had a lot of fun doing the college bowl pick contest (even though I lost)! I grew up in NY and so was always a Giants and Yankees fan, but now living near Chicago I also root for the Bears and the Cubs. I look forward to getting to know you even more and hope you get my written letter soon. Please know we are all here supporting you.
13. tam said on 1/29/13 - 04:56AM
Things are turning around, Jeffrey, and the truth is coming out in a very public way. Just hang on, your time is coming.
14. Suzanne Carey said on 2/1/13 - 10:02AM
Hi, Jeff - Your case is really troubling to me, since it is obvious that Chloe died of natural causes after you accidentally dropped her while bathing her. I don't understand how counties can be so vicious when no crime has been committed. Please hang in there--I know that your day is coming. There are many people on your side, and your attorney did great work for you in Federal Court.
15. Greg Havard said on 2/8/13 - 12:29PM
Jeffrey u know how much we miss u and wish u were home, your mother and sister and many other believers are gettin the word out there of your innocents. The media seems to be the best venue for yours and many other wrongfully convicted persons out there, they are getting aboard now. Keep your head high, boy we love u and many more do also and want to see justice done, Love u,Uncle Greg, Bridgette & Taylor
16. Lori Howard said on 3/31/13 - 02:51AM
Hi Jeff. In reading your trial transcripts (and everything else I can get my hands on), your innocence and the way you were railroaded infuriates me. I see no other outcome than relief for you. Once that is achieved, do you have any plans as to what you intend to do with your future?
17. Davida Caylor, Ringgold GA said on 4/26/13 - 08:56PM
Hello Jeff! I am praying that God goes before you speedly and mighty for your SOON release.. you have a very strong support team and I know you are greatful... Hang in there and praise God every day that the doors come open and you are FREE.. I think your case was so unfairly tried and may God have mercy on them that help put you there... I couldnt imagine but always know God is right there with you... Cant wait to meet you!! By thebway,You have an amazing sister.. keep praying and praising and soon you will be home.. P.U.S.H ?pray until somthing happens?
18. Dana Aucoin said on 12/15/14 - 10:14AM
Hi Jeffrey, you probably don't remember me, but I went to school with you for a few years in Laplace, Louisiana. I have been following your case over the years. I just wanted to say that I will keep you in my prayers that you get your freedom! I am so sorry that you and everyone else involved had to endure such a horrible tragedy. Stay strong!

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