A message from Jeffrey's Mother Cheryl

Communication is the key to our fight to gain Jeffrey's freedom. This is why we leave no stone unturned and depend on our internet friends,the news media,and the word of mouth to get our message out.Through the years, many others have joined us in this fight for justice, therefore reinforcing the fact we already knew, Jeffrey is an innocent man. Ten years have already been stolen from Jeffrey's life. I wake up everyday with firm resolve to end this nightmare. Sometimes the reality of where my son is hits me in the midst of my daily routine and my heart breaks. No matter how painful it is to me, I think of Jeffrey and what he is going through locked away as an innocent man on death row. I realize that I must be strong and continue to fight alongside all of his wonderful supporters until the day that my son walks out of that prison "A FREE MAN". Thanks to all!

A message from Jeffrey's Sister Paige

From the moment, I heard he was arrested, I have always believed that he was 100% innocent. Jeffrey Havard and I grew up together and I knew both in my head and in my heart that he was not capable of such a crime. My big brother, Jeffrey is one of the most kind, loving and caring people I know. Mississippi is totally ignoring his innocence and gives No argument in his appeals. There is no evidence linking him to this and the crime Jeffrey was wrongfully convicted of NEVER even happened. It breaks my heart knowing he is on death row for something he didn’t do and it is so hard to deal with. I will never give up my fight for my brother’s freedom. I will be here for him always. 

Jeffrey Havard

Jeffrey has the full support of his loving family. Three generations are currently fighting for his freedom. Jeffrey's Grandmother has done extensive research and has kept the case files organized for those who request to see them. Jeffrey's mother Cheryl and his sister Paige are actively working to bring much needed attention to the case. Both can frequently be seen online discussing the case and spreading the word. Jeffrey's family will not rest until his wrongful conviction is corrected. 

Click on the links below to listen to Jeffrey and his family discussing the case with Vincent Hill.
Mississippi Burning, Jeffrey Harvard II
Tic Toc Tic Toc, Life or Death. The Jeffrey Havard Case
Jeffrey's Family

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