May 30, 2013: Internet Radio Host Vincent Hill Shines a Spotlight on the Wrongful Conviction Epidemic 
This week I had the privilege of being a guest on "The Other Side of Justice," an internet radio program focusing on wrongful convictions. The show’s host Vincent Hill is a former Nashville police officer and licensed private investigator. Vincent’s experience in law enforcement gives him a unique perspective on the topic of wrongful convictions. Continue reading →

May 28, 2013:  U.S. Supreme Court Expands Post-Conviction Appeals
Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a case that could help people already convicted of crimes appeal their convictions in federal court. Continue reading →

May 16, 2013: Update on the Wrongful Conviction of Jeffrey Havard: Open Letter Calling for Miss. Attorney General to Review Case Continue reading →

April 24, 2013: Held in solitary confinement on death row for over a decade, Jeffrey Havard fights wrongful conviction and death sentence by Mississippi state
The 2002 conviction of Jeffrey Havard reeks of WRONGFUL in a really bad, alarming sort of way. The kind of way that caused me to wonder if at this moment I was somehow involved in some sort of freak situation that could earn me a wrongful conviction, landing me in solitary confinement on death row for years on end, all due to some outrageous misinterpretation or spinning of facts as they occurred—all completely out of my control. Continue reading →

April 9, 2013:  Mississippi death row inmate Jeffrey Havard fights conviction in 6-month-old girl's death
Mississippi death row inmate Jeffrey Havard recently filed a petition in federal court requesting relief from his capital murder conviction and death sentence, claiming they are a “violation of numerous of constitutional rights.”
 Continue reading →

April 9, 2013:  Havard Files Federal Petition, Claims Trial Was Flawed
Natchez-- More than 10 years after he was convicted of killing a 6-month-old child, death row inmate Jeffrey Havard has filed a petition in federal court asking for relief of his conviction and sentence. Continue reading →

March 18, 2013:  Graham Lawyer Blog: Jeffrey Havard – Latest News
It is unthinkable that a modern democratic state would act the way that Mississippi did in the handling of the Jeffrey Havard case.  Months ago, I published a blog on Jeffrey Havard, a wrongly convicted man currently sitting on Mississippi’s Death Row. Since then, there have been a few new discoveries that make Havard’s future a little less bleak. Continue reading →

February 8, 2013:  Jeffrey Havard Faces Execution In Mississippi Despite Proof Of Faulty Evidence
Support for death row inmate Jeffrey Havard continues to grow as his federal appeal awaits a decision from United States District Judge Keith Starrett. Jeffrey Havard currently sits wrongfully convicted on death row in Mississippi for the sexual assault and murder of his girlfriend’s six-month-old daughter, Chloe Britt. Chloe’s death was a tragic accident, not a murder. Jeffrey accidentally dropped Chloe after giving her a bath. According to Jeffrey, Chloe slipped out of his hands and hit her head on the toilet. The evidence in the case supports his claims. Continue reading →

February 6, 2013:  Death row inmate among many challenging pathologist's findings
Time is running out for Jeff Havard, who is sitting on death row convicted of murder. But now, the man who helped put him there is under fire. Continue reading →

January 16, 2013:  BlogTalkRadio: Mississippi Burning, Jeffrey Harvard II
by The Other Side of Justice

January 10, 2013: Jeffrey's case has been added to the Death Penalty Information Center website.
Jeffrey Havard is facing execution in Mississippi despite the fact that key evidence against him came from a medical examiner who has been harshly criticized by experts in his field. Continue reading →

January 7, 2013: Questions for Mississippi Doctor After Thousands of Autopsies
JACKSON, Miss. - For a long time, if a body turned up in Mississippi it had a four-in-five chance of ending up in front of Dr. Steven T. Hayne. Between the late 1980s and the late 2000s, Dr. Hayne had the field of forensic pathology in Mississippi almost to himself, performing thousands of autopsies and delivering his findings around the state as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases. For most of that time, Dr. Hayne performed about 1,700 autopsies annually, more than four for every day of the year and nearly seven times the maximum caseload recommended by the National Association of Medical Examiners. Continue reading →

November 30, 2012:  Despite Evidence From Discredited Medical Examiner, Mississippi's Jeffrey Havard Nears Execution
Last year, NPR looked at two dozen cases in which adults had been convicted of killing infants or young children, then later exonerated or given commutations. The investigation found a number of common themes in those cases. One of them was that prosecutors often relied on the subjective opinions of a medical examiner. Continue reading →

October 28, 2012: Jeffrey Havard Convicted of Horrific Crime — But Is He Really Guilty?
The future is unknown for inmate L3955, Jeffery Havard. Havard has endured Death Row for the last ten years in Mississippi and time is running out. What really happened on the night of Feb. 21 2002? According to Havard, on Feb. 21 Havard was giving his girlfriend’s six-month-old daughter, Chloe Britt, a bath after she had spit up on herself. As Havard picked baby Chloe up out of the bathtub, she wiggled out of Havard’s arms and struck her head on the toilet. Continue reading →

August 14, 2012:  New Petition Asks US District Judge To Grant Death Row Inmate Jeffrey Havard A New Trial
A new petition was recently started asking United States District Judge Keith Starrett to grant Jeffrey Havard a new trial. Jeffrey was wrongfully convicted in 2002 of murder by shaken baby syndrome and sexual molestation of six-month old Chloe Britt. He was sentenced to death by the State of Mississippi. 
Continue reading →

July 17, 2012:  The Jeffrey Havard Case Will Undermine Support for Capital Punishment
 Jeffrey Havard was convicted of murdering an infant in Mississippi and is now on death row.  His conviction depends in part upon a finding of a sexual assault and rests heavily upon the forensic testimony of Dr. Hayne, who performed the autopsy on the infant.  Hayne's testimony alleged that the baby died due to shaken baby syndrome and that there was an unexplained small anal contusion.  This, and the testimony of hospital personnel that the baby's anus was diluted, became the basis for Havard's conviction. There was no forensic testimony presented by the defense.  Continue reading →

May 20, 2012:  Mississippi Death Row Inmate Jeffrey Havard Is A Victim Of Wrongful Conviction
Jeffrey Havard currently sits wrongfully convicted on death row in Mississippi for the sexual assault and murder of his girlfriend’s six-month-old daughter, Chloe Britt. Chloe’s death was a tragic accident, not a murder. Havard accidentally dropped Chloe after giving her a bath. According to Havard, Chloe slipped out of his hands and hit her head on the toilet. The evidence in the case supports his claims.
Continue reading →

May 13, 2012:  Death row appeal rejected
The state Supreme Court has unanimously denied an appeal from death row inmate Jeffrey Havard, moving him one step closer to execution. 
Continue reading →

February 20, 2012:  Silence broken on death row decade later
After a decade of silence behind bars, Jeffrey Havard is speaking about the death of the 6-month-old that landed him on death row.  Continue reading →

January 30, 2012:  Testimony in death row inmate's trial contradicted
JEFFREY HAVARD REMAINS ON DEATH ROW — convicted of a crime that one expert says may not have happened. In 2002, he told deputies he accidentally dropped 6-month-old Chloe Madison Britt after giving her a bath and that the 26-pound baby hit her head. He denied sexually abusing her.  Continue reading →

Jeffrey Havard

Jeffrey Havard Recent News & Updates
August 6, 2013:  Injustice Anywhere Radio: The Jeffrey Havard Case: Innocent on Death Row
January 20, 2014: The Death of Chloe Britt: Capital murder or accidental fall?
Thousands of Americans are behind bars, convicted of shaking babies to death — and some experts now say the science that put them there is blurry. Continue reading →

This article was also featured in the USA Today

August 30, 2013:  Update: The State’s motion requesting to seal the case was denied outright by Federal Judge Kieth Starrett. You can view the denial here:

August 27, 2013:  Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood Files Motion Attempting To Seal Jeffrey Havard Case
The State of Mississippi filed a motion on Monday requesting that the Jeffrey Havard case be sealed. If this request is granted, it could limit or prohibit a non-party’s remote electronic access to case documents that would normally be public record.  Continue reading →

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August 19, 2014: Jeff’s defense team has filed a rebuttal to the State's rejection of previous motion citing Brady Violation. A new affidavit from Dr. Steven Hayne strongly supports the defense argument that a Brady violation occurred. Continue reading →

May 30, 2014: Jeff’s defense team is seeking an evidentiary hearing citing a Brady Violation. Continue reading →

May 22, 2014:  United States District Judge Keith Starrett has issued an order granting Jeffrey Havard's request for a stay of the federal proceedings while the state court reviews a motion filed by Jeffrey’s defense team in November of 2013, detailing new compelling evidence.

Judge Starrett's Order, 5-22-14

February 9, 2014: All the Experts Agree: Jeffrey Havard Was Convicted of a Crime That Didn't Happen - The State Says We Should Kill Him Anyway
In November of 2013, Jeffrey Havard filed a motion for relief from Judgment based on newly discovered evidence; the newly discovered evidence includes affidavits from 4 of the nation's leading medical and biomechanical experts, all of whom reviewed the evidence in his case and all of whom expressed opinions that the child Jeffrey was convicted of murdering most likely died from an accidental fall and NOT from shaken baby syndrome, just like Jeffrey has always maintained. Continue reading →
September 24, 2018: Murder evidence evaporated, but Jeffrey Havard still sits in a Mississippi prison
On Sept. 14, Adams County Circuit Judge Forrest A. Johnson ordered a new sentencing trial for Havard. But Johnson’s opinion didn’t go nearly far enough. It was sloppily written, wrong on the law and in many ways a cop-out. But it was also merely the latest of more than 15 years of court opinions that have failed Havard. Continue reading →

September 14, 2018: After 16 years, Jeffrey Havard is off Mississippi's death row
Jeffrey Havard has spent nearly 16 years behind bars on Mississippi’s death row for a crime the state’s then-pathologist didn’t believe took place.

On Friday, Adams County Circuit Judge Forrest A. Johnson ordered Havard off death row after questions arose regarding whether 6-month-old Chloe Madison Britt actually died of shaken baby syndrome.. Continue reading →

August 16, 2017: Controversial medical examiner backs off ‘shaken baby’ claim in death penalty case
This week, the controversial former Mississippi medical examiner Steven Hayne testified at a hearing for Jeffrey Havard. Havard was convicted in 2002 of sexually assaulting and shaking to death Chloe Britt, the 6-month-old daughter of Havard’s live-in girlfriend. Havard has always maintained that the infant hit her head on the toilet after he dropped her while giving her a bath. Continue reading →

April 3, 2015: Mississippi Supreme Court rules for death row inmate Jeffrey Havard
This week, the Mississippi Supreme Court unanimously ruled that death row inmate Jeffrey Havard can proceed with an evidentiary hearing to challenge his murder conviction. Continue reading →

April 3, 2015: Science may give death row inmate new hearing
In a unanimous decision made public Thursday, the Mississippi Supreme Court granted death row inmate Jeffrey Havard permission to request an evidentiary hearing since science on shaken baby syndrome has changed. Continue reading →

March 26, 2015: Jeff Havard case is a stark reminder that wrongful convictions cause irreparable damage
William G. Havard passed away this morning at the age of 84, in Nathez Mississippi. Friends and family knew him as Billy. Today his family and friends mourn his death, and no doubt try to bring comfort and support to Billy’s wife Ruby. The two would have celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday.

Billy spent his last 13 years on earth defending and supporting his grandson Jeff Havard, who currently sits wrongfully convicted on death row in Mississippi. Continue reading →

October 14, 2014: Professional Explanation Of The Current Status Of The Jeffrey Havard Case
Written by Attorney Jennifer Fitzgerald: Jeff's attorneys just filed his “Rebuttal" to the "State's Response" to his "Amended Motion for Relief From Judgment or Leave to File Successive Petition for Post-Conviction Relief." Continue reading →

September 4, 2014: Death row inmate: Prosecutors hid evidence of innocence
Lawyers for death row inmate Jeffrey Havard will now get a chance to present evidence that their client has spent more than a decade on death row for a crime the state's pathologist doesn't believe took place. "We are eager to prove that the prosecution withheld important evidence that shows Jeffrey's innocence," said his lawyer, Graham Carner of Jackson. "The Supreme Court's Order allows us to demonstrate that the objective, scientific evidence shows there was never a sexual battery in this case." Continue reading →

September 3, 2014: Jeff's motion to amend his petition has been granted. Continue reading →

October 2, 2018 : Jeff Havard Has Been Removed From Death Row But His Fight Is Far From Over
November 8, 2018 : Why would inmate risk execution? He says he would rather prove innocence and 'die fighting.' 
Jeff conducted an interview with the Clarion Ledger shortly before state prosecutors took the death penalty off the table. Continue reading →