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Welcome to Jeffrey Havard's blog! Jeffrey truly appreciates the support he receives. This blog was created to give Jeffrey the opportunity to not only express  his gratitude but to also give readers the ability to get to know the real Jeffrey Havard. The posts in this blog are all written by Jeffrey and then posted here by the website administrator. Please post any questions or comments you have for Jeffrey in the comment section below each entry and we will forward your messages to Jeffrey so he can respond in future posts. 

Jeffrey Havard Blog Update September 7, 2013

by Jeffrey Havard on 09/06/13

After more than a decade, it seems that now more than ever, the truth is finally coming to light in my case; so I was very disappointed when I learned that the state had had filed a motion to seal the record of my case.

My initial thought was, "why seal it and seal it from whom?" It felt like they were trying to shut me up.

My freedom has been taken, and my name has been irrevocably slandered; now they were trying to take the only thing I have left. My voice.

Now that I finally have scientific and medical explanations for what caused the dilation, they want to silence that.

During my trial, prosecutors told the jury not to try to understand what caused the dilation and that because I couldn't explain it, I must be guilty. They also told the jury there was no other explanation but that I had caused it, there was NO other way to explain it.

Simply put, my freedom or execution rests on what caused the dilation. That's it.

There were several things about the state's Motion to Seal that disturbed me;

1. They claimed that they needed to "protect the victim and her family from informal slander", etc. However, this didn't seem to be their stance 11 years ago when this tragedy happened, since it was reported to the media, and then by the media, that a rape and murder had occurred before the autopsy was even started, much less completed. Members of law enforcement and the coroner's office plainly told the media that the autopsy had confirmed that the child had been sexually assaulted; in that her "private parts" had been "violated."

In fact, if you read the autopsy report, you will see that all of that is absolutely false; the autopsy says no such thing. The autopsy report does not include ONE WORD about sexual battery, even though the state medical examiner, Dr. Steven Hayne, was specifically told that sexual assault was suspected by medical staff. What the autopsy report does say is that the child's "external genitalia is unremarkable," and that a sexual assault kit was performed, with the results showing no evidence of that.

As a matter of fact, when Dr. Hayne was deposed in 2010, he was asked why he didn't say anything about sexual battery in his autopsy and his response was that he didn't see any objective evidence of sexual battery.

I am simply imploring all of you to just read the documents of record in my case.

Eleven years ago, the public was given completely false statements of "fact" that were supposedly contained in the autopsy report.

Now I ask, who slandered who?

2. In its Motion to Seal the record, the state indicated that it receives letters from people all over the country pleading for my life, and that those letters contain detailed factual information regarding the evidence for my case, or lack thereof. The state's main concern seems to be unrelated to the factual accuracy or validity of the information contained within the letters; instead, the state's concern seemed to be that members of the public were aware of the information in the first place. The state complained that the letters were very similar in content and that they appeared to be from a single source. To this I say the state was correct; all of the information is coming straight from documents which are a matter of public record.

3. In the Motion to Seal, the state pointed to a letter written by a friend and supporter as a part of a letter writing campaign launched by Injustice Anywhere, and which served as an overall template, outlining the facts and issues that other supporters might want to highlight.

The letter was attached to the state's motion as Exhibit B, and was displayed with all of the author's personal contact information plainly visible. It seems that state was concerned with privacy for their interests, but not for my supporters.

The state's Motion to Seal was prompted by a comment on the personal facebook page of one of my attorneys, Graham Carner. After the Motion was filed, he wanted to let me know that he was sorry about this comment and the reaction it caused. he thought that I might be upset or disappointed, however, I felt the exact opposite. I was pleased and proud of him. Even more so, I am relieved and glad that I have a man like Graham as my attorney.

The same goes for the rest of my legal team, both of the record and off the record. I am lucky and proud to have all of them because they are all just as fervent and zealous as I am about bringing out the truth. Not only for me, but for the child.

I am also very appreciative of the journalists, whether by print, radio or television who have allowed me to have a voice, and who have gone the extra mile to ensure fair and accurate reporting of the case.

And finally, I'd like to say that, with the exception the dissenting Justices on my post-conviction petition, there has been very little fairness in the presentation of the facts of this case.

However, that appears to be changing with the recent order allowing Dr. Hayne to be deposed, so that all parties can clearly understand exactly what it is that Dr. Hayne found during the 2002 autopsy, and more importantly, what he didn't find. You know, the very same facts and information that should have been discovered before my trial, so that I wouldn't have to be here now, writing this blog.


Comments (6)

1. Lori said on 10/7/13 - 03:04PM
I am so sorry that they tried to silence us. They did it to keep their own deceptions out of the public eye. I am working as hard as I know how to help you come home. Ahh, sometimes I grow so tired - Led Zeppelin
2. Sue Luttner said on 10/12/13 - 09:12AM
Many good wishes to you, Jeffrey. I'm so sorry that a few individuals, such as you, are paying such a high price for the failures of the child-protection community. My guess is that the human urge to protect the children is so deep that it interferes with logical thought----which is not an excuse for their knee-jerk conclusions, but possibly an explanation. I'm glad you have felt the support from the people who know you and from those of us who have been made aware of your case through their efforts. Please know that there is a community of people who understand how an innocent person can be in your position. Our thoughts are with you.
3. said on 2/2/14 - 07:48AM
I am so sorry Jeffrey but know people are fighting for you. I was wrongfully accused then arrested and tormented for years. My month in prison--let's just say I can't imagine where you are all these years. Hang in there. I know it is tough. My case was dismissed after 2 years but I am still suffering as I lost my home, career, life as I knew it. I am so sorry. We will be your power and voice.
4. Stephen O. said on 3/29/14 - 09:46AM
I am so sorry you are a victim of our corrupted justice system. I can prove my innocence, and 24 years later, I am suffering on the outside. I hope you get justice and please people, sign my petition. I want to hold someone accountable for this false conviction. Check out my website at: and please sign my petition at . I hope you get justice soon and I will never give up.
5. Steve Miller said on 4/3/15 - 01:07PM
Ok, while you continue to proclaim your innocence, you have still yet to explain how Chloe Britt sustained bruises on the inside of both her thighs, or how you accidentally were maybe a little to rough with her when wiping her on up inside of her butt, and that you shook her, but didn't realize that you had shaken her so hard. That you were sorry, but it was just an "accident". Give it a rest Jeffrey, you were rightfully convicted of the crimes of which you admitted to, and then you received the penalty that you deserve.
6. Unknown said on 9/12/15 - 08:18PM
I am truly sorry that they did this horrible thing to you and her family.They did an awful thing they did to everyone involved. The state led the Britt family to believe a FAT LIE about their loved one and allowed the state to allow just some regular guy who has has no expertise in doing an autopsy on Chloe WITHOUT being STATE CERTIFIED to open her up and preform such on her and attempt to muder an INNOCENT man just to blame someone is the most disgusting thing. Everyone was lied to just to get another hole in their belt. Reading the trial transcripts you can CLEARLY see that THE ENTIRE TRIAL WAS ALL PROSECUTION. NO DEFENSE WHATSOEVER!! You very well deserve your freedom and THE MOTHER of this child should SUE THE HELL OUT OF MISSISSIPPI. THEY LIED AND CHEATED TO GET THEIR CONVICTION and this case should be overturned,but a new trial at the very least. How dare Mississippi do such a terrible thing to human beings. #FREEJEFFREYHAVARD!!

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