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Welcome to Jeffrey Havard's blog! Jeffrey truly appreciates the support he receives. This blog was created to give Jeffrey the opportunity to not only express  his gratitude but to also give readers the ability to get to know the real Jeffrey Havard. The posts in this blog are all written by Jeffrey and then posted here by the website administrator. Please post any questions or comments you have for Jeffrey in the comment section below each entry and we will forward your messages to Jeffrey so he can respond in future posts. 

Jeffrey Havard Blog Update May 23, 2013

by Jeffrey Havard on 05/21/13

Hey everyone! 

Sorry it has been a while since I last blogged. I have had some personal and legal issues that have kept me busy.

I want to thank all of you for your support, comments and questions. It really means so much!

Mr. Blanchard, As a child, my favorite pitcher was Roger Clemons. That is what began my love of the Red Sox. Then they went to the World Series in 1986 but lost to the Mets, but the loss didn't matter because by then I was a full fledged member of the Red Sox Nation!

Mickey, Thank you for the kind words. Although the Red Sox are in a slump right now, I am confident of a strong comeback!

Kay, The Cardinals have always been one of my top teams, not before the Red Sox, but a favorite just the same. I also wanted to tell you that I heard about Sherry and am so sorry for your loss! I am told she was a wonderful person. And thank you very much for your kind offer!

Uncle Greg, I miss you all so very much and hope the day is soon when this wrong is righted and I will see you all. Love to everyone!

Randi, Thanks so much for the music!

I would like to make individual comments to everyone but to save this from becoming too long, I would like to share with you a little about my daily life and my hopes for the future.

I spend my days reading. I read everything from books on Psychology to Hunting/Fishing magazines.

I spend a great deal of time listening to music. We are allowed MP3 players here. I love all kinds of music, old and new. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band, but I like music from almost every genre. Putting on my headphones is a mental escape from the horror that I find myself in. It drowns out the noise (mostly) and I can just be away from here for a little while. 

I also enjoy phone calls with loved ones and corresponding with several supporters.

I do my best to keep myself busy and mentally challenged.

If there is any sense of right in this world, I will someday walk out of here and I will never take anything for granted ever again. I would live every single day to its fullest.

My goal for the future is to speak out for others who remain wrongfully convicted. I would like to do this with a friend who was also wrongfully accused but fortunate enough to be acquitted. We would like to tell our stories to anyone that is interested in the state of our Judicial System. I think it is important work and I would like to be a part of it.

Other than that, I would just like to live a quiet life.

My sincere thanks to all of you who sent me messages, you have no idea how comforting it is to know I have you out there fighting for me.

I promise I will not be so slow in making my next entry!

I guess I will close this with the words of a friend - "Believe"!

Comments (12)

1. CHERYL HAVARD HARRELL said on 5/22/13 - 09:30PM
Hi son, just wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOU and we are all out here fighting for your FREEDOM and we will never give up until you walk out of there. that day will come. keep your thoughts on GOD, he will bring you home where you belong! <3 <3
2. Kimberly JC said on 5/23/13 - 07:53AM
You will be walking out of there, I truly believe that and you have so much support and people fighting to tell your story to get more media attention on it to help in anyway we can to get you home where you belong! Stay strong, keep the faith and yes, "believe!"
3. Bob Owen said on 5/24/13 - 10:17AM
Hey Jeff, There's a lot of people out here who know about you and care about what's happened to you. You have a great support group, and every day they're working like mad to make sure even more people know. You are not alone.
4. Fancourt said on 5/24/13 - 11:15AM
Hey Jeff! Tks for the excellent blog. It's wonderful that you want to share your story for the sake of others. Yours is a much needed voice. Oh yea: Led Zeppelin. Best there ever was, is and ever will be. They finally did a reunion a couple of years ago with Jon Bonhams son on drums; amaazing. Tickets sold out in seconds and ya! They still got it after all these years. :)
5. Joan James said on 5/24/13 - 12:03PM
Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so sorry this has happened to is so unjust. I hope and pray you will be free soon. Meanwhile, your spirit is amazing and please know that many, many people support you and care about you.
6. Lori Howard said on 5/25/13 - 09:11AM
Hey, Jeff, look, another Zep fanatic! We are not alone! I am just (not so) patiently waiting for the day that this injustice is made right. Have I told you how much I admire you for educating yourself, keeping your dignity and sense of humor despite the terrible situation you find yourself in? Many lessor men would not have been able to do so. You are so strong and we are out here mirroring your strength! We are all helping you fight this fight. And as you know, I truly do believe!
7. Randi Juarez said on 5/26/13 - 10:10PM
I always have and will always believe in you, Jeff! I just want you to know I really like getting to know you through letters and this blog. Like you, I love music from all genres. I can listen to it all. I find music to be very therapeutic...I can only imagine how much it must help you get through each day. Stay strong and keep that faith. Believe. Just keep on believing.
8. Mikko Tuulensuu aka Mici Tee said on 5/30/13 - 12:27AM
Dear Jeffrey, Greetings from Finland, Helsinki. I admire you and your strength. Keep your head up and stay strong. You are not alone and forgotten. The fight aint over. I'm praying for your release. Much love, blessing and respect. Yours, Mici
9. Lillian Chabassol said on 6/6/13 - 10:45AM
Hi Jeffrey, I have been following your case for quite awhile. You and your family are always in my prayers and can't wait to hear this nightmare is over. I truly believe it will happen. Stay strong! Canada support you.
10. Nina Weihrauch said on 6/17/13 - 11:28PM
Unlimited support from Germany
11. Miss Lovely said on 6/18/13 - 10:06AM
I love that you see the beauty in everything. You taught me how to see the world through your eyes.
12. Jan said on 4/7/14 - 03:46PM
Hi Jeff! I'm wondering if the State has taken your voice, since the last blog was May of 2013. Anyway, I'm doing my best to get the word out about this utter travesty! The courts might be able to keep you from making noise, but we WILL NOT STOP! Hang in there and hopefully this will be your year!

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